Pink Door_RGB_150px.png

Derek Mihalik

Managing Partner of Starbelly Group

 Chef Justin Lall

Executive Chef of Starbelly Group

Pink Door Pizza is a proud member of the Starbelly Group, which also includes Starbelly Open Kitchen & Lounge, The Beltliner, and Calavera Cantina, in the same location as Pink Door Pizza!

We refer to Pink Door Pizza as our 'ghost restaurant', a term given to virtual food service establishments that offer take out and delivery only. These eateries exist primarily online, giving customers the opportunity to pick up their own food or have it delivered through an app (in our case Skip the Dishes). 

But make no mistake, we've got a chef's kitchen, where Executive Chef Justin makes fresh dough daily, along with all of the sauces, and will keep dreaming up new, innovative flavour combinations for you to enjoy.